Simplicity, Sophistication, Beauty. 

These 3 words are not only synonymous with her artistic integrity but encompass her artistic identity.  Katrina Amato is the future of movement direction.  Her extensive background in dance, modeling, & athletics lend to her ability to relate to movement styles for anyone in need of direction as they move for the camera.

A native of Madison, Wisconsin, Katrina moved to California to earn her Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from California State University, Long Beach.  Upon completion of her degree, she began modeling and dancing professionally which quickly earned her a long list of credits including Citi Apple PayAflacBloomingdale’sCliniqueYahoo!, Target, Glee, Old Navy, Athleta, Lucy Activewear, Kohl’s, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, Heineken, Campari, and Absolut Vodka.  In 2007 she earned her certification as a power yoga instructor which allowed her to gain further knowledge of aesthetics of movement. In 2011, Katrina founded The Hollywood Bathing Beauties; an impressive collection of synchronized swimmers, dancers, and aerialists.  Her work with this company allowed her to choreograph works for French artist, Thomas Marfisi as well as Rod Stewart.  She utilized her underwater choreographic experience for projects with TOMS shoes and a music video for musician, Brandon Boyd. Recently her choreography can be seen in music videos for Tiesto & Incubus, as well as in the feature film, We Are Your Friends, starring Zac Efron.

As a Movement Coach, Katrina helps music artists connect with their body while making them comfortable enough to freely move while performing.  She focuses on utilizing the music artist’s personality and general way of moving to create a movement style that allows them to feel comfortable in themselves while performing on stage.  Katrina feels that it is important for an artist to express their true vibe while enhancing subtle movements in order to connect with the camera or a live audience.  This thought is universal for any type of artist whether they are a musician, model, or actor.